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Jeffrey L. Novy can assist you during this difficult period to decide if a guardianship is necessary.

Guardianship is a legal process designed to protect vulnerable individuals from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Guardianship provides for the individual’s care and management of their money.

With guardianship, certain rights and privileges are removed from an incapacitated person, referred to as “ward”. The ward may be a minor or an adult. The guardianship statute defines an incapacitated person as someone who, because of physical or mental condition, is substantially unable to:

  • Provide food, clothing or shelter for himself or herself
  • Care for the individual’s own physical health
  • Manage the individual’s own financial affairs

Common Questions about Guardianships

Question: Why is a guardianship necessary?

Guardianships are created for any number of reasons. People may become incapacitated due to disease, injury or developmental disability. It is often painful and difficult for the incapacitated person and their family to decide to pursue guardianship.

Question: Who can appoint a guardian?

A guardian is appointed by the court to take care of the physical well-being of a ward. The court may also appoint a guardian for the care of the ward’s property. Often the same person is appointed to serve as both guardian of the ward and the guardian of the estate.










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